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 UCKERMARK – a region, a brand

The UCKERMARK regional brand unites top performers from six different sectors (business, agriculture, tourism, municipalities, culture/leisure/sports and nature/landscape).
This diversity is also reflected by the UCKERMARK regional brand. The bundling of different sectors has created the first cross-sectoral management that ensures increased efficiency and broader information activities. The move also strengthens the market image leading to an increased perception of the Uckermark in the market.

The brand stands for:

  • Making the Uckermark known as a strong region offering good quality of life and business opportunities combined with rich culture and unspoilt nature
  • Competitive enterprises and lasting partnerships in agriculture, industry, craft, tourism and nature protection
  • Preserving and developing the Uckermark cultural landscape, leisure and sports activities
  • An urban-rural partnership
  • A strong regional identity
  • A sustainable region

The Uckermark is seen as a product. Its strengths in the different areas are used and clearly positioned in line with market requirements.
The result is an increase in added value.
Seen as a whole, the Uckermark offers an impressive sectoral mix and thus the necessary economic clout. Against this background, the region decided to use the UCKERMARK regional brand and put a clear focus on the region of origin when communicating and presenting all its potentials under this umbrella to the market.

All actors in the region benefit from a strong UCKERMARK regional brand.

Increase in perception
A uniform brand enhances market perception. It enables the region to present itself as part of the many relevant investment locations, travel destinations and residential areas.

Increase the number of tourists, investors and inhabitants
A uniform cross-sectoral market presence creates more attention in the market and enhances the impression of quality among tourists, investors and would-be inhabitants.

Make use of cross-selling
A joint market presence allows cross references and the dissemination of information about the product and service mix available in the region. Such an approach leads to a higher perception in the market and as a result to an increase in sales figures.

Retain customers
Satisfied customers and investors talk about their experience. The main aim of a uniform marketing strategy is therefore to maintain and, if possible, to increase customers’ satisfaction with the products and services on offer. It makes sense to be in close contact with the customer and to look for permanent feedback. Complaint management plays an important role in this context.

What is the benefit for you?
Each actor who decides to use the new UCKERMARK regional brand contributes to strengthening the Uckermark and creates with the brand a flagship of the region. As a result, the Uckermark can be better presented as a lovely and liveable region. This will improve the market perception of our products which will be linked to our region. The result is an expansion of the market which will strengthen the economic position of everybody. The combined market presence of six sectors differentiates our offer from competitive regions.

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