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Growth engine for the federal state of Brandenburg – a strong sector for the region

Agriculture has a high economic significance for the Uckermark. It employs approximately 7.5% of the total labour force, a figure above the federal state average of 4.5%. With an agricultural area of 192,000 ha (i.e. 63% of the total district territory), the rural district is the largest agricultural district in Brandenburg.

Plant production in the rural district focuses on grain, oil seed and forage crops. In addition, the cultivation of renewable raw materials is increasingly gaining in significance. Other important agricultural activities include tobacco farming in the region of Schwedt/Oder and the cultivation and processing of hemp.

In addition to conventional farming, the region is also active in organic farming. 55 enterprises work in an area of 16.226 ha which is the largest connected ecological farming area in Europe. Most of the land is situated in the Schorfheide-Chorin and Uckermark Lake nature reserves.
Poultry, cattle and pigs play an important role in animal production. Furthermore, it is planned to bring buffalos to the region especially for meat production. Some of the agricultural produce is directly processed in the Uckermark.

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