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Culture, leisure, sports

The Uckermark has a lot to offer in the fields of culture and sports. So it is a great place for leisure time or vacations.
Different theatres among them uckermärkische bühnen schwedt (ubs), an institution renowned beyond the region, open-air theatres, music facilities and many different museums stand out at the cultural level.
Music events such as the Uckermark Music Weeks with concerts in monasteries, churches, palaces and even barns, the Bebersee Festival and the Angermünde Days of Brass Music are of a significance that goes beyond the region.

The Uckermark is also known for its artists who have set up special compounds, galleries, studios and workshops where artists of different disciplines come together to produce and sometimes also sell their works of art.
Many of these artists have made their home in the Uckermark where they find good conditions for their daily work.
Various architectural monuments and historical buildings from different epochs are located in the Uckermark. Interested visitors can choose among over 160 historical churches of different architectural styles and 200 different palaces and mansions.

Sports enthusiasts will find a wide variety of offers in the Uckermark. 16.248 inhabitants of the Uckermark are organized in 189 sports clubs. 271 different sports facilities are available in the region. Sports clubs offer 46 different kinds of sports ranging from popular sports to more competitive-oriented popular sports. The latter include e.g. cycling, swimming, canoe racing, rowing, archery, table tennis, boxing, apparatus gymnastics, volleyball, weight lifting, karate and judo.

Many top athletes emanated from our sport clubs such as Britta Steffen (swimming, SSV PCK 90 Schwedt e.V.), Marlen Hein (judo, Judosportverein Prenzlau e.V.), Sebastian Brendel (canoe racing, SSV PCK 90 Schwedt e.V.), Philipp Boy and Steve Woitalla (apparatus gymnastics – TSV Blau – Weiss 65 Schwedt e.V.), Nico Gärtner (trampoline gymnastics, TSV Blau – Weiß 65 Schwedt e.V.).

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