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A unique landscape formed by the ice age.

The landscape of the Uckermark has many different facets. Until today, you can see how the glacial valley was formed by the Weichselian glacial period some 15,000 to 20,000 years ago. But the landscape includes also areas with gravelly/sandy deposits, terminal moraines and plain or hilly ground moraines. Many lakes adorn the West of the Uckermark along the Angermünde – Prenzlau axis.
Part of these lakes and wooded areas belong to the Uckermark Lake Nature Park or the Schorfheide-Chorin biosphere reserve.

The Uckermark boasts a total of 400 lakes. Formed by the last cold period, the landscape gets flatter towards the North.

With an area of 3,058 km², the Uckermark is the largest rural district in Germany with the highest number of natural reserves. Some 63% of the territory of the rural district is under special protection. 62 natural reserves cover a total area of 40,604 ha.

In addition, the Uckermark comprises six landscape conservation areas whose aim it is to protect landscapes of cultural, historical or recreational significance as well as species and biotopes. Many of these areas are part of the national nature reserves. All three types of nature reserves are found in the Uckermark: Unteres Odertal national park, Schorheide-Chorin biosphere reserve and Uckermark Lake Nature Park.

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