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Feel the freedom in the land of four hundred lakes.

What makes the Uckermark so special and attractive?
On the one hand, there is the fantastic landscape that provides a lot of space to experience great nature and on the other hand, there are the people living here.

The Uckermark boasts over 400 lakes embedded in a slightly hilly landscape that was created by the ice age. A large part of the landscape is protected by one of the three nature reserve categories: Unteres Odertal national park, Schorheide-Chorin biosphere reserve and Uckermark Lake Nature Park.
Villages and towns are surrounded by forests, meadows, fields and water resources.
If you want to enjoy more than unspoilt landscape and nature, try some of the 200 mansions and palaces and 160 historical churches, the different cultural facilities, leisure parks, the thermal spa bath, swimming pools or the many special events organized in the region.
The Uckermark offers great conditions for relaxation, leisure and out-door activities on foot, by boat or by bicycle.

The people of the Uckermark are proud of their traditions and their home region which they will be pleased to show to you. The Uckermark is always worth a visit to meet the people who live here in person. Come and see for yourself!

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